Randolph’s Innovative Student Experience (RISE) Program

Receive grant money to fund your own research, scholarly or creative pursuits.

You are an original. You have personal questions that drive your passions and you have a unique way to contribute to the world.

We created Randolph’s Innovative Student Experience (RISE) Program to give you the opportunity to pursue your unique passions. Every Randolph College student can apply to receive a grant of $2,000 for research, creative work, experiential learning, and other scholarly pursuits beginning in their second year.

In the past, students have used the RISE award to travel to singing competitions, purchase cancer cells for biological research, travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands to study water samples, research antioxidants in fresh fruit, and study abroad. For many students, this grant provides more than just money—it gives them an invaluable experience.


How will YOU use a RISE grant?

You can apply to use your RISE grant for projects beginning your sophomore year through your first semester as a senior. If you transfer to Randolph, you must wait one semester before applying for a RISE grant.

Not sure what to do with your RISE grant? Talk with your faculty advisor and other professors to brainstorm ways that the RISE grant can enhance your education. Or visit the Center for Student Research (Main 137) to discuss your ideas.

Funding and Support for RISE

The RISE grant program is part of the Center for Student Research. Randolph College’s Annual Fund continues to raise funds for the RISE grant.